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Membership Opportunities

  • Future Leaders

    Everyone under 21 can take advantage of this opportunity
    Valido por 4 años
    • Member pricing at all Association events
    • Opportunity to volunteer at some events and programs
    • Access to Newsletter
    • Access to Educational Programs and Leadership Training
  • Amigos

    Cada mes
    Perfect for Non business owners
    • Same as Future Leaders Plus:
    • Access to Job Opportunities
    • Access to Post your Resume
  • Non-Profits

    Cada mes
    Unique for Non-Profit Organizations
    • Same as Amigos Plus:
    • Access to News Releases
    • Opportunity to volunteer for 1 Association Committees
    • Complimentary tickets (2) to any member appreciation event
  • Individual

    Cada mes
    Ideal for anyone in business
    • Same as Non Profit Plus:
    • Market your company with news or events on our Facebook page
    • Complimentary ticket (2) to all networking & reception event
    • Receive notary services free of charge
  • Silver

    Cada mes
    Perfect for any Small business looking to expand
    • Same as Individual Plus:
    • Post Job opportunities and Work opportunities on our website
    • One Ribbon Cutting/Anniversary/Grand Opening ceremony
    • Additional (2) complimentary tickets to networking events
    • Display your business logo & link your website in directory
    • Opportunity to Sponsor Future Leaders Programs
    • Opportunity to Sponsor Podcast Episodes
  • Gold

    Cada mes
    Tailored for Business Leaders in the Lowcountry
    • Same as Silver Plus:
    • Complimentary access to 1 corporate-only events
    • Exclusive Member Highlight in Newsletter
    • Opportunity to speak & present at Board of Directors meeting
    • Opportunity to host (1) Leadership Development Class
    • Complimentary tickets (2) to Association breakfast/luncheon
  • Government Agencies

    Cada mes
    Always ready to support Small Business
    • Same as Gold Plus:
    • Exclusive membership on-board visit to explore engagement

    Cada mes
    Engage & Support The Hispanic Community & Small Business
    • Same as Government Agencies Plus:
    • Complimentary tickets (2) to special events
    • Spotlight monthly live social media connection
    • Cosponsor of our local networking events
    • Podcast cosponsor on 6 episodes monthly schedule
    • Weekly Social Media Ads as our Podcast Cosponsor
    • Guest Speaker on Podcast at one opportunities episode
  • CORPORATE Diamond

    Cada mes
    Always Leading the way in the Lowcountry
    • Same as Corporate Ruby Plus:
    • Preferential seating or table placement at special events
    • Display your organization logo at all special events and ads
    • Podcast cosponsor on a total of 12 episode Monthly schedule
    • Spotlight in all our Newsletter
    • Display your organization logo in our About & Directory page

    Cada mes
    Association’s Champions
    • Same as Corporate Diamond Plus:
    • Podcast cosponsor on a total of 25 episodes biweekly schedul
    • Early bird access to sponsorship opportunities
    • Association Champions, display your logo at our Home page
    • Unlimited access to all events

La comunidad Hispana sigue siendo una fuerza de desarrollo económico en el Lowcountry. El futuro traerá muchas oportunidades para la comunidad empresarial y juntos podremos abrir camino para que nuevas generaciones tengan un mejor porvenir. Únete y se parte de esta fuerza y voz!

Unidos construiremos un mejor futuro para nuestras empresas

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