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Small Business

We can help you plan your business and turn your business ideas into a reality.

We provide access to Free business counseling. If you already have a business, we are here to help you expand. We can also help you find new funding, new locations, and more customers for FREE!

Leadership Development

There is always room for improvement. You could be the best business owner but at the same time the worst leader. 

The most valuable asset of any business is its people. We would help you improve your leadership skills not just to be able to better communicate with your team but to be able to connect.

Community Integration

Get involved.

We are developing programs that wil embrace Civic Engagement, Economic Empowerment, Civil Rights, Environment, Health, and Organizational Development.

We are part of this beautiful communities in the Lowcountry we must act now.

Hispanic Market in the Lowcountry

As a community grows, the demographic make-up of people living within it also changes. Just as current data on population conditions is important, it is equally important to know how our communities will change next year or even five years from now. This site offer you the latest demographic statistics and forecast reports to help you make informed decisions about your business, customers and market place.


Learn from the best. Obtain valuable information direct from current business owners, mentors, volunteers, sponsors and government agencies at no cost to you.

All of our classes are FREE.

We have access to webinars and online courses that will help you better manage your business.

Future Leaders

Future Leaders Program is focus on the development of young students by teaching them life skills that will help them prepare for the 21st century mindset and help them prepare for the workforce. This program embraces the entrepreneurial mindset that more employers are looking for and more schools are trying to incorporate into lessons because it has proven to help recognize opportunities, resolve conflict better and manage risk.

Become a Volunteer !

Get Involved!

Información para Empresarios 

La importancia de la información para las empresas radica en que es un recurso esencial, se utiliza al desempeñar sus operaciones diarias y de manera estratégica para la búsqueda de un alto nivel competitivo y crecimiento.


El programa Ready Business para Huracanes permite a los dueños de negocios y lideres de empresas a tomar medidas para proteger a sus empleados y clientes y garantizar la continuidad del negocio ante un desastre.

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